IMPORTANT!!!    WE ARE NOT CAIRNS AIRPORT.   WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH CAIRNS AIRPORT. If you are looking for Cairns Airport, please visit their website.
Airport Parking Deals
  • 1week $60
  • 2wk $95
  • 3wk $135
  • 4wk $150
  • 8wk $225
(subject to availability)

Cheaper than a Taxi - Miles Cheaper than Cairns Airport

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You have reached the website of the business which traded as Cairns Airport Parking until September 2012. At that time we ceased promoting our registered business name Cairns Airport Parking.

We still operate short and long term parking facilities located in close proximity to Cairns Domestic and International Airport for passengers travelling out of town by air, sea or rail under the new name Betta Airport Parking.

Our main office and drop off facility is located at 397 Lake Street, Cairns North.

For our existing customers that have used and known us as Cairns Airport Parking you can now find us at

Parking Location Map